繁忙城市中的静谧自然绿洲——萨尔津亚尔水公园 A Tranquil Oasis of Nature in the Midst of a Busy City: Water Landscape Park Sarzhyn Yar
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SBM Studio


萨尔津亚尔公园(Sarzhyn Yar park)位于乌克兰东北部大型工业城市哈尔科夫(约200万居民)的中部,哈尔科夫很大程度上是苏联工业时代的产物,其显著特征是存在众多的工厂建筑和大型住宅区。

这座城市的供水已几乎枯竭。在过去的10年中,2条流经城市的小河已变得过浅以至几乎消失。峡谷中有一个活跃的名为萨尔津亚尔(Sarzhyn Yar)的淡水泉,水温常年保持在7 ℃左右。在整修之前,公园主要被人们当作获取饮用水的地方,并且现在可利用的大部分区域原是长满杂草、灌木丛生的沼泽地。

SBM工作室最初的任务是只翻新公园的中心部分,但后来SBM将项目扩大到包括整个峡谷,并将该想法提请市议会。新的想法是创建一个17 hm2的水景公园,利用泉水创建一个如画般的湖泊系统,并大大扩展可供公众享受的基础设施。

这些湖泊是在水坝系统的作用下形成的。SBM使用祖辈们的技术,用泥土覆盖湖底,同时用柳枝加固堤岸。大部分的树木都被保存下来并被分成小岛。为了使公众欣赏到如画的风景,还环绕湖泊建立了一个人行道网络。由于这里的水温不超过9 ℃,水会使空气降温,因此这里的气温比城市其他地方的温度低了4 ℃左右。这也是即使在最干燥的夏天,公园也拥有绿草和凉爽潮湿的空气的原因。

除了湖泊系统外,SBM还设计了2个立交桥,以便3.5 km长的自行车路线不穿过人行道,并设置了适合不同年龄段儿童的游乐场、运动场以及用于瑜伽和健身活动的木平台。其中一个木制儿童游乐场可供孩子们探索形状和空间,另一个是为年龄较大的儿童设计的游乐场,以火山、洞穴、可供挖掘的隐藏恐龙、蹦床和其他活动为特色。

大约4 hm2的原始野生植物几乎均被保留,唯一增加的是可欣赏大自然的砾石路和金属条凳。SBM的首要任务之一就是尽可能使该地区保持原状。整修工作使用的是纯天然材料:金属、木材、熟料砖和花岗岩筛网。


The Sarzhyn Yar park area is located in the central part of Kharkiv, a large industrial city (about 2 million inhabitants) in the north-east of Ukraine. Largely a product of USSR industrial era, Kharkivs distinctive features are numerous factory buildings and large residential areas.

The citys luck in terms of water supply literally ran dry. Two small rivers running through the city became excessively shallow in the last 10 years and practically disappeared. There has always been a powerful freshwater spring in the ravine called Sarzhyn Yar. The temperature of the water stays is around 7 degrees Celsius all year round. Before the renovation the park was mainly used as a place to get drinking water, with much of the now-usable area being marshland overgrown with weeds and unkempt bushes.

The SBMs initial task was to refurbish only the central part of the park, however we later expanded the project to include the whole ravine and presented it to the city council. The new idea was to create a 17-hectare water landscape park, using spring water to create a system of picturesque lakes and considerably expanding the infrastructure for the public to enjoy.

The lakes were created with the help of a system of dams. We used the technology of our ancestors and covered the bottom of lakes with clay while strengthening the banks with willow branches. Most trees were preserved and grouped into small islands. A network of footpaths around the lakes was created for the public to enjoy the picturesque views. Since the temperature of the water doesnt exceed 9 degrees here, the water cools the air, which is about 4 degrees cooler here than in the rest of the city. This is why even in the driest of summers this place boasts green grass and cool moist air.

Apart from the system of lakes, two overpasses were designed (in order for the 3.5 km long bike route not to cross the pedestrian walkways), as well as childrens playgrounds for various ages, sports grounds, wooden terraces for yoga and fitness. One of the childrens playgrounds is wooden, for kids to explore shapes and space. Another one, featuring volcanos, caves, hidden dinosaurs for excavation, trampolines and other activities, was designed for older children.

About 4 hectares of original wild plant life remained almost intact. The only addition came in the form of gravel paths and metallic wiring chairs for admiring the nature. One of our priorities was leaving as much of the area as possible in its original condition. Exclusively natural material was used for renovation work: metal, wood, clinker brick, granite screenings.

Several main objectives were accomplished in this project. Firstly, many more people visit the park, including the time after dark. Furthermore, all categories of citizens are catered for; their diverse needs and preferences have been taken into account. Finally, the natural features of the area were enhanced for public use without destroying the ecosystem.














面积:17 hm2






工程:谢尔盖·斯特里布尔、伊琳娜·斯特里布尔、莱博夫· 阿诺希娜